Welcome to the Damage Appeal system.

You can use this online application for the following purposes:

1. To access your Damage and/or Cleaning Charges Reports

2. To appeal your Damage and/or Cleaning Charges Reports

3. To get an update on your Damage and/or Cleaning Charges Appeal status

You will need to log in using your IU Username and passphrase to access this application. 

It is our expectation that this website will only be used by authorized IU students.  Providing anyone, including a student's parents/guardians, with a student's passphrase is a university security violation: http://uits.iu.edu/page/acpu#secure. 

At the request of UITS, to ensure security for student users, anytime RPS has reason to believe that someone else has logged into your account, we will report the incident to UITS. If you have unknowingly violated UITS policy, you may reset your passphrase at http://uits.iu.edu/page/atax.